How To

Useful tips on how to use DriverFinder, and how to update drivers in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Download 7-Zip and Set It As the Default Extractor  
  2. How to Activate DriverFinder  
  3. How to Turn Microsoft Defender SmartScreen OFF  
  4. How to Use DriverFinder  
  5. Backup Drivers to an External Medium  
  6. Changing Driver Backup Location in DriverFinder  
  7. Configuring Proxy Settings in DriverFinder  
  8. Deleting Backed Up Drivers in DriverFinder  
  9. Fix Disabled Audio Service in Windows 10  
  10. Fix DriverFinder Download and Installation Issue in Windows 10  
  11. Fix DVD/CD Drive Problems By Removing Upper/Lower Filters  
  12. How to Activate Your Copy of DriverFinder  
  13. How to Backup Device Drivers in DriverFinder  
  14. How to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement  
  15. How to Fix Missing Audio Caused by Windows Audio Service  
  16. How to Get a License  
  17. How to Install Drivers in DriverFinder  
  18. How to Prevent Unplugged Devices in DriverFinder Scan Results  
  19. How to Start and Exit DriverFinder?  
  20. How To Unblock DriverFinder Installation in your Windows Firewall  
  21. How to Use the System Restore Point  
  22. Ignore Drivers from a Driver Scan in DriverFinder  
  23. Restoring Drivers in DriverFinder  
  24. Show Filename Extensions in Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11  
  25. Show Filename Extensions in Windows Vista and Windows 7  
  26. Show Filename Extensions in Windows XP  
  27. Update Drivers in DriverFinder  
  28. Update Drivers via the Hardware Update Wizard  
  29. Updated Audio Driver... But Still No Sound  
  30. What are the System Requirements of DriverFinder ?  
  31. What is a Driver?  
  32. Why Do I Need to Update Drivers ?  

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