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How to Get a License
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DriverFinder is a free download that enables you to perform a full system scan to detect old, corrupt or missing drivers on your system. The free version has some limited functionality and to unlock all the features of the application, you will need to purchase the full version by following the instructions below.

To Get Your License ID via the Application:

  1. Click the Upgrade to Pro button on the lower left-hand side of the screen. This will open your Internet browser and bring you to the DriverFinder Registration page, where you can purchase a license.


  2. Please follow the steps as directed. After following the directions, a License ID and Password will be provided to you (in the browser and sent via e-mail).

To Get Your License ID Online:

To get a license for DriverFinder online, please go here:

To Enter Your License ID & Activate DriverFinder:

When you have received your License ID and Password from us via e-mail, you can enter it and enjoy all the functionality of the full version of the program. To enter your license key:

  1. Click the License button.


  2. Enter your License ID and Password in the spaces provided, then click Activate.


Note: an Internet connection is required to activate the program.

To Renew Your License ID:

If your license is about to expire, please renew it so you can continue to use the program and keep your PC drivers updated. You will need an Internet connection to renew your license. To renew your license please go here: Follow the steps as directed. After following the directions, a new License ID and Password will be sent to you via e-mail.

When your new license is processed, the registration date that is listed on the DriverFinder database is updated automatically.

Note: If you renew your license while there is still time remaining on your previous registration, the time is appended accordingly.

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