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DriverFinder™ - Only $39.95

DriverFinder™ is the answer to all your PC driver updating and maintenance needs. Outdated, missing or corrupt PC drivers slow down the performance of your PC. It may even cause your hardware devices (e.g., printer, speakers, USB devices, keyboard, mouse, etc.) to completely stop functioning. It's necessary to ensure that you have the latest drivers running on your PC.

Your PC utilizes HUNDREDS of device drivers everyday. Manually keeping track and updating every driver is a hassle... unless you automate the process.

Update, backup and restore your PC drivers with award-winning Driver Finder™. download now purchase now

QuickPCOptimizer™ - Only $39.95

QuickPCOptimizer is an advanced Windows® registry analyzer and optimizer. And with extra features like its built-in speed up tool, PC memory enhancer, online privacy options, file shredder, and more... qPCo is the perfect toolbox you'll ever need to boost your computer's speed and Windows® performance.

Everything you do with your PC is logged and recorded on the Windows® registry. To keep your computer in the best shape possible, you need to 'trim the fat' that's slowing it down and preventing proper system functioning.

Turn PC speed and performance to how it was the day you bought it! download now purchase now

SecureUninstaller™ - Only $39.95

SecureUninstaller™ is your best bet at thoroughly removing any unwanted software from your PC. This includes 'hard-to-get-rid-of programs' that the standard Windows® Add/Remove Program feature can't seem to uninstall from your system.

Unwanted programs put a big strain on your computer’s resources and occupy valuable disk space. If you try to uninstall them and they're not meticulously removed from your PC, these 'traces' pose a security threat to your system.

Remove unwanted applications the smart way with SecureUninstaller™. download now purchase now

QuickSYS Informer™ - Free PC Resource Monitor

QuickSYS Informer™ is a freeware utility that helps you monitor your local system resources. With just one click, you get a snapshot view of your CPU, hard disk, memory, network, and battery (for notebooks) usage.

If you're experiencing any PC performance issues, QuickSYS™ will monitor your system resources usage and help point out what's wrong with your PC.

NOTE: QuickSYS Informer™ is our way of saying THANKS for massively supporting DeskToolsSoft software products. It is 100% free of charge and has absolutely no restrictions. Download it, install it, and enjoy!
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