Expand Your Market with DeskToolsSoft Products - (75% Rev Share + Bonuses)!

Dramatically Increase Your Cash Flow

It's really not surprising if you want to join the Affiliate Program that DeskToolsSoft has to offer. This is because while others are still offering commissions at 20%, 30%, 45% or even 50%... we are already offering our affiliate partners 75% + Bonuses!

We believe in the quality of our software so much that we don't mind sharing revenue with you at all. In fact, we want to help you as much as we can with your affiliate marketing efforts. You'll soon find out that working with DeskToolsSoft is really all about building financially-rewarding relationships.

Top-Rated, Best-in-Class Products

DeskToolsSoft has always been based on "PC Solutions DONE RIGHT". As such, you will be proud to promote our programs on your site and to the online market in general.

And let's not forget what QUALITY PRODUCTS really mean for you. It means HAPPY CUSTOMERS, and LOW REFUND RATES.

Another thing contributing to those great conversions is this: our world-class, 24-hour-guaranteed reply policy for all users of our products. If a client has a question, they'll get an answer right away from our Customer Support staff. And that means satisfied customers... and you guessed it... low refund rates again.

Die-Hard Affiliate Support for Beginners and Super Affiliates

And of course, we take very good care of you too! If you're an affiliate marketing beginner, we can help guide you as you take your initial steps. If, on the other hand, you're a Super Affiliate, well, we know you may want unique, made-only-for-you marketing materials and we're right here to make that possible.

Lastly, a dedicated Affiliate Manager will be on hand to receive any questions or requests you may have so don't hesitate to be in touch!

How to Get Started?

DeskToolsSoft affiliate programs are facilitated via Paddle, and MyCommerce.

Click here to get sign up as an affiliate with Paddle...(It takes less than a minute to register!)
Prefer MyCommerce?...Click Here

Anything else you need? Send a message to us at info (at) desktoolssoft (dot) com and we'll get back to you ASAP!

If you have another type of business partnership in mind, just Contact Us and we'll be more than glad to discuss other levels of partnerships with you.