About DeskToolsSoft BV

DeskToolsSoft was launched in 2009 with one aim: to provide desktop utilities that do exactly what 'it says on the box', namely, to optimize your PC on various, specific levels so that you get the most performance out of it. Our goal is not only to produce software to help you with system maintenance but to produce software that UPLIFTS your computing experience. We achieve this by utilizing only the best processes and technology in the IT industry.

The following serve as our guidelines for each product we develop.

It's all about end-user experience.

Ease-of-use, speed, stability, security. Excellent end-user experience is part of the DeskToolsSoft mentality. As such, we are devoted to creating software that are 'fluid'.

At the frontend, you'll see that our solutions are highly-intuitive, enabling you to instinctively know the next steps. At the backend of each product is an equally highly-efficient infrastructure, which translates to quick downloads, lightning-fast software processes, and high server availability.

Not just a quick fix.

DeskToolsSoft software are not designed for just 'one time use'. Our solutions solve your immediate PC problems... and they prevent future ones.

The DeskToolsSoft Vision:

A trusted name on every personal computer. To reach a stage that when a user - home-based or corporate - wants solid, secure, dependable PC solutions, "use DeskToolsSoft software" is what they say.

With our software, you take a pro-active approach to ensuring your computer's optimized performance and stability. With everyday use, it's unavoidable to keep your PC's pristine, newly-bought condition. Normal wear and tear occurs and computer problems start to happen. However, with our desktop tools running on your PC, you can expect a longer - and more enjoyable - 'shelf life' from your computer.

Precision software.

DeskToolsSoft solutions are created with clarity in mind. We don't stuff our tools with unnecessary features that deter you from what you want done. If you have a PC problem, we provide the cutting-edge solution. Period.

'Clean' products.

DeskToolsSoft products are all 100% free of spyware, adware, and other online threats. Every installation you make is safe. Every performance scan you do is secure.

Client-oriented mentality.

In addition to ensuring our products work best for you, we provide a highly client-oriented support network. Not only will you have access to easy-to-understand online knowledgebases and ticket systems, you'll also be able to reach support staff that is always ready, willing and able to cater to your needs.

Who's Behind DeskToolsSoft?

DeskToolsSoft is managed by a group of professionals in the IT, Global Project Management, and Online Marketing industries. Backed by superior R&D and highly trained support professionals, it's no wonder that it's flagship product - DriverFinder - has easily established itself as one of the leaders in the driver update niche of desktop utilities. And there's more to come! However, we here at DeskToolsSoft would rather have our products, rather than our Executives, take center-stage.

DeskToolsSoft is not your run-of-the-mill software developer. We are a company with lofty goals, believing that quality software is exactly what home and corporate users want - and need - to enhance and protect their PC investments.