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 Help! There's no EXE File to Double-Click!
Article Solution #1 - Open subfolders to find the EXE file.

Sometimes, driver manufacturers put the executable file (.EXE) to install their drivers in subfolders. Often, there is only ONE subfolder to click.

That is, when you click Open in DriverFinder, you will see one extra subfolder. Click this and you'll find the .EXE file.

If you see multiple subfolders, click the one that corresponds to your Windows OS (e.g., XP, Vista, etc.) to find the appropriate .EXE file.

Solution #2 - Install a Driver Using an INF File.

Sometimes, driver manufacturers do not provide an executable file (.EXE) to install their drivers. Instead, they provide an INF file.

An INF file is short for INFormation file. This is a document that Windows "reads" to know how to install a driver.

Click here to install a driver using its INF file.

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