16 Jan 2019 
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 What is SecureUninstaller?
Article SecureUninstaller is the perfect tool to completely remove any program from your computer!

Although you have deleted programs which you had previously installed, there are still remnants or hidden traces of these programs on your computer.

SecureUninstaller is the ONLY tool capable of completely removing these traces for you automatically; cleaning up your disk, freeing up disk space, improving Windows performance and boosting your productivity!

Using a very advanced heuristic engine with advanced features built-in, SecureUninstaller can safely scan your hard-disk for program remnants. It will also check your computer's registry and remove all these traces for you automatically.

And yes, SecureUninstaller can take care of programs that even Windows' Add/Remove feature cannot handle.

For more information, please visit the SecureUninstaller website.

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Created On: 05 Feb 2010 12:31 AM

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