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 Understanding DriverFinder™ Main Window Screen.

When you launch DriverFinder™ the Overview window appears.

The Overview is made up of three tabs: Driver Status, Device List, and System.

The Overview -> DRIVER STATUS Tab

The Driver Status tab displays the results of the driver scan you initialized using DriverFinder™.

The flow is simple:

• Click Start Scan.

• Wait for the scan to go over your PC, detect outdated drivers, and make driver update recommendations.

• The Driver Status tab will automatically be updated with the results of the scan.

• Click Fix Now! to download and update your drivers.

The Overview -> DEVICE LIST Tab

The Device List tab displays a complete inventory of all the devices currently installed or connected on your computer.

• Click the plus sign to expand a device category and see the devices under it.

• If you click on a specific device, detailed information about it will be displayed on the panel below.

• Click the minus sign to close or collapse the device category.

[Tip: If you scroll down to the bottom of the list, you'll see the Unplugged Devices section.]

The Overview -> SYSTEM Tab

The System tab displays information about your computer.

This is just to let you know that DriverFinder™ has properly detected and identified your system, enabling it to provide you with driver update recommendations specific to your PC.

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