16 Jan 2019 
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 What is SecureUninstaller?
  SecureUninstaller is the perfect tool to completely remove any program from your computer!Although you have deleted programs which you had previously installed, there are still remnants or hidden
 How to Register SecureUninstaller
 To register your copy of SecureUninstaller, please do the following.Open SecureUninstaller.Click the Register bu
 How to Get Your SecureUninstaller License
  To get your SecureUninstaller license, activate your copy and start removing unwanted software from your PC, you can:Go to SecureUninstaller's Register page here:
 How to Uninstall Unwanted Software from Your PC
  To delete unwanted applications from your PC:Open SecureUninstaller. You will see a list of programs currently installed on your PC.Select the program
 SecureUninstaller System Requirements
  The following are the system requirements for SecureUninstaller.OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7 Support for 32-bit and 64-bit across all OS menti
 How to Restore a Deleted Application
 If you have uninstalled an application via SecureUninstaller and want to restore that application, please do the following.Open SecureUninstaller.Click the Res
 Delete a Program Backup
 If you have uninstalled an application via SecureUninstaller a backup of that program is automatically created for your convenience. To delete this backup, please do the following.Open
 Registry Backups in Secure Uninstaller
  SecureUninstaller enables you to create a registry backup in the folder you want at any given time. To do this:Open SecureUninstaller.Click the
 How Does SecureUninstaller Remove Applications?
  SecureUninstaller can remove programs on THREE (3) different levels. Standard Uninstall.This level uninstalls programs using the Add/Remove Program
 How Long Does SecureUninstaller Take to Uninstall an Application?
  The length of time SecureUninstaller takes to completely remove unwanted software from your PC depends on the following:The
 How to Use the System Restore Point
  To access System Restore and bring your PC to a previous state, please do the following: Click Start->Programs->Ac
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