16 Jan 2019 
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  Didn't receive your DriverFinder license via email?Lost your license info?CLICK HERE to retriev
 I didn't receive my License ID and Password. How do I fix this?
  The DriverFinder licensing system is a fully automated system. An email with your License ID and Password is IMMEDIATELY dispatched upon receipt of your order.It does NOT matter what day of the week it is or what time it is on your side of t
 Do You Have a COMCAST.NET Email?
 If you have a COMCAST.NET email address, chances are our emails with your License ID and Password are being blocked. We are addressing this now with COMCAST directly so that they do not bounce emails intended for you.In the interim, to receive
 How to Install Drivers after Downloading them from DriverFinder
  The world will be a better place if hardware manufacturers provide device drivers the SAME way. Unfortunately, this is not the cas
 Contact the DriverFinder™ Support Team
 If you have a concern that's not answered by our FAQ or Troubleshooting section, please contact the DriverFinder™ Support Team here: http://desktoolssoft.com/suppo
 Why can't download drivers?
 You must have a License ID and Password to download drivers. If you don't have one yet, please see article "How Do I Register for DriverFinder™?"
 Help! I can't find the device drivers I've downloaded.
  By default, the download location for updated drivers is: Windows XP:C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Username]\Application Data\DriverFinder\DownloadWindows Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10:C:\Users\[Your Username
 What do I do if my driver download fails?
 Some drivers can be VERY BIG (e.g., over 100MB). In these instances, it is recommended to download drivers one by one instead of downloading them all in one go. This will help prevent driver download failures. Other factors such as your Internet connec
 Why can't I install my drivers?
 When you install a driver, you are making system changes on your computer. If you are part of a user group for your computer system (Windows Vista and Windows XP have built-in groups), then it's possible that you do not have Administrator rights on you
 After downloading and installing a driver, how come a new driver scan shows the same driver for download again?
  This is a very rare situation. However, it may happen if the computer hardware manufacturer who made the driver file made it to support multiple devices.This is often the case for multi-functional devices like printer all-in-one gadgets. In
 Why do I see overlapping text when I use DriverFinder™?
 The application uses Arial and Microsoft Sans Serif fonts, which are native to the Windows Operating System. If you are experiencing errors dealing with these fonts, please visit http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314960. This article will give you instr
 How do I renew my License ID and Password?
 Please click this link to register for a new license: http://driverfinderpro.com/register/ For more information, please see Renew Your License ID.
 Update Drivers via the Hardware Update Wizard
  Sometimes, Windows insists on using certain drivers because it is a signed driver, which Microsoft prefers. This, however, prevents you from benefiting from certain features that the hardware manufacturer (e.g., SiS, VIA, HP, Realtek, etc.) intends for
 How to Register/Activate Your Copy of DriverFinder
  DriverFinder is extremely easy to activate once you have your License ID and Password. All you have to do is:
 How to Uninstall DriverFinder
  1. From the Windows Start menu, click on the DriverFinder folder. 2. Click Uninstall. Note
 Fix Error Code 646
  Following are a few tips to help you fix Error Code 646 on your Windows PC. Although this error is more common with Vista users, you can also try them if you’re encountering the same error on your PC.
 How to Install a Driver Using Its INF File
  How to Manually Install a Driver using the .INF file.
 Help! There's no EXE File to Double-Click!
  Solution #1 - Open subfolders to find the EXE file.Sometimes, driver manufacturers put the executable file (.EXE) to ins
 Updated Audio Driver... But Still No Sound
  Note: The following steps assume that you have already downloaded and installed the audio driver recommendation(s) of DriverFinder on your PC.
 Roll Back a Driver
  Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 all create a driver backup whenever a new driver is installed, so it is possible to restore that driver from the backup. This is called a Roll Back in Windows.To do a dr
 Check if Your PC is USB 2 Enabled
  Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 was released in 2001, and it allowed for higher speeds than its predecessor (USB 1). Through USB 2.0, a wider range of external devices can be used on your computer. It also enables these devices to perform faster.
 CD/DVD Driver Not Recognized
  Note: The following steps assume that you have already downloaded and installed the driver recommendation(s) of DriverFinder on your PC.Your PC is made up of many devi
 Uninstall USB Root Hubs
  Note: The following steps assume that you have already downloaded and installed the USB driver recommendation(s) of DriverFinder on your PC.Your PC is made up of many
 Install a Driver in Compatibility Mode
  When you install drivers, it's important that they MATCH the Windows operating system (OS) you have installed on your PC. However, when Microsoft releases a new OS (e.g., Windows 7), it's impossible for ALL hardware manufacturers to have Windows 7 drive
 HELP! Unable to download drivers...
  The DriverFinder online driver database is proudly powered by  Amazon web services. If you are encountering server communication issues, please try the following:
 How to Prevent Unplugged Devices in DriverFinder Scan Results
  In some cases, DriverFinder will recommend new drivers for unplugged devices. Although these are valid updates, all devices listed in the unplugged category might not be in use anymore. Why does DriverFinde
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